The Avant does the Work of 3 Men

Speed, accuracy and safety all in a days work.

Andersen Tree Services are based in Whakatane and are the preferred tree service provider for Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki district councils.

Andersen Tree Services Director, Peter Andersen says “the effect that the Avant has had on my business is quite incredible. It’s worth three men and it improves our whole operation and safety too, as we don’t have guys having to stuff things into the chipper by hand because the Avant does that”.

Health and Safety has improved with the introduction of the Avant to their fleet and Peter explains,

“Everyday, I come out without a scratch and the roll cage and roof protection not only makes the Avant a whole lot safer, it feels safer too. The other great safety aspect that we’ve seen is the reduction of back issues. In the past, jobs would normally require cutting up a whole lot of rings and logs and lifting them into the truck and into trailer, but we don’t have to do that anymore. We don’t have to drag stuff around you ask any of my workers and they’ll tell you they don’t want to come to work if I don’t have the Avant. That’s, because we all go home with a good back and I haven’t been to the chiropractor since I’ve got the Avant”.

Andersen Tree Services have a number of Avant attachments which they take to a site and swap between them during the day, reducing the need for more machinery and lowering costs. Peter explains,

“If we’ve got a big road job where we are felling trees onto the road, we can use the grab for a couple of hours and then we can click on the road sweeper attachment and have the whole road swept clean in a matter of minutes”.

The Avant’s low operator position and low centre of gravity was another real bonus for Peter and his team.

“Other products on the market, leave the operator sit really high in the cab and it’s like driving around on a barstool, and you really get knocked about. Whereas in the Avant, because you’re sitting really low, there is more protection from being knocked about in the cab”, says Peter.

Our after-sale service was a important for Peter too,

“There are other multi-machines on the market, but I learnt that MetroHire had an after-sale service, and that was an important selling point for me, as it is with all of my machinery”.

Talk to one of the MetroHire team today about how an Avant can improve your productivity, health and safety and decrease costs by reducing the need for different machinery to get the job done.