Safety and Comfort for Driver an Important Consideration

AUSA Rough Terrain Forklifts – Bostock, Craig Treneman

Bostock New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s leading growers of Apples with 600 hectares of organic apple orchards.

In the past, Bostock had a lot of “old type forklifts” and in terms of safety they decided to move towards something safer and more comfortable for their operators.

The Bostock team liked the AUSA so they bought two initially and then later bought another two. Bostick Overall Manager, Craig Treneman says,

”Our guys that drive them every day love it, because they’re not having to move both their hands around as it just has one lever that does everything – side shift, up, down, and tilt – which is totally different to other forklifts.”

Safety was a top priority for the Bostock team and the AUSA met all their criteria, in particular the lights and the roll cage features, which gives Craig and his team confidence and peace of mind.

Craig explained that one of the most noticeable outcomes since using the AUSA, is a rise in productivity and their drivers are much more comfortable loading on them as they’ve got good suspension creating a very stable platform. With the higher ground clearance, the AUSA is less likely to get stuck. Craig says,

“Although most of the AUSA’s we own are two-wheel drive, we haven’t had a problem with a driver getting stuck, so we haven’t needed to go to four-wheel drive machines.”

Bostock need equipment that’s reliable. Craig says

“We don’t have any reliability issues with the better quality of the AUSA either. We’d rather pay a little bit more and get something that’s good quality and reliable, and we’ve had no issues in the three years that we’ve owned them.”

When Bostock need help with their AUSA’s the MetroHire team are ready and keen to help. We are able to talk to service providers to sort out any issues or even courier parts down if needed.

If you need a safe, easy-to-use, reliable and comfortable forklift for your business, then the AUSA forklift is for you.