“The AUSA 150 forklift has made a huge difference in terms of reliability, ease of operation, and increased comfort for our operators.”

AUSA – Mr Apple – Logistics Manager, Grant Taylor

Mr. Apple are the largest individual grower and packer of apples in New Zealand, with nearly thirteen hundred hectares of apples, in the Hawke’s Bay region. In 2016, Mr. Apple got three AUSA’s into trial to test how they would fit and suit their business needs.

They needed something that was purpose-built for orchards and they have now been able to standardise their fleet. Mr. Apple Logistics Manager, Grant Taylor says,

“The AUSA C150 forklift has made a huge difference in terms of reliability, ease of operation (with the joystick), and increased comfort for our operators. It’s a long bumpy road being a forklift operator through the harvest, and we’ve noticed a marked difference in our operators, in terms of comfort at the end of the day. The AUSA is the best product we see on the market that suits our needs and it even has a Kubota Engine, which is a renowned mid-engine.”

With the AUSA C150 forklifts Mr. Apple have been able to diminish routine and maintenance downtime.  Grant says,

“We used to have two spare forklifts for any downtime, but now we don’t need that.”

The Mr. Apple AUSA C150 forklift operators enjoy the benefits of a covered in safety frame (with windows), and they are very difficult to get stuck. This was especially important for Mr. Apple operators because when the wet weather sets in, they have to keep going, and with the AUSA C150, they can.

The turning circle is also a real bonus on the orchards, especially when loading in and out of tight areas on some of their smaller blocks. With the AUSA C150 forklift’s ease of loading, they have seen a significant increase in performance and efficiency. Grant says,

”We’ve had a great run with both Jeremy and MetroHire. They react quickly to any issues we’ve had, and we’ve got a good working relationship. We’re really happy with the product at the moment and its performance, and the big thing for us is that all our operators and orchard staff really like it”.

If you need reliable, purpose-built machinery with great manoeuvrability and ease of operation, then talk to the MetroHire team today about a AUSA 150 forklift and book a free trial today!