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  • Side Shift Adapter

    This strong adapter plate lets you move attachments from the centre of your Avant up to 60cm to one side.

  • Root Grapple

    Grab and handle tree trunks, rocks and debris, and tear roots from the ground with ease.

  • XL Light Material Bucket

    XL light material bucket is a large capacity bucket, best suited to Avant 600 and 700 series.

  • Auger

    Powerful hydraulic auger with many different drill diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree transplanting etc.

  • Trencher

    With Avant trencher you can easily dig very narrow trenches without damaging the ground on the digging area.

  • Mini Digger

    The Avant mini digger. An efficient solution for small digging operations.

  • Backhoe 260

    Backhoe 260 is a brand new backhoe model from Avant and it replaces the old backhoe of 220/250 series.

  • Backhoe 210

    Avant Backhoe 210 is a completely new model, which combines good ergonomics, compact dimensions and good handling.

  • Grabbing Tool

    The grabbing tool attachment is mainly intended for the lifting and handling of round objects. It is especially suited for lifting barrels and plant and tree pots.

  • Multi-Function Drive Unit

    With the multi-function drive unit you can attach a concrete mixing drum, rotary hoe, carousel broom and so much more to your loader.

  • Site Toolbox

    The site toolbox allows you to transport tools around your worksite or property easily and safely.

  • Compressor

    With the multi-use AVANT compressor you can fill tyres, operate pneumatic power tools and clean big machines on the go.

  • Submersible Pump

    With the submersible pump you’ll be able to pump water from trenches, wells and pits as deep as 20m.

  • Generator

    Generators can be used as a power source for power tools and small electrical appliances in places where power is not available.

  • All – Round Grapple

    This versatile tool can be used for lifting and transporting of many different types of materials which cannot be handled with a normal bucket or pallet fork.

  • Hydraulic Trailer Hitch

    The hydraulic trailer hitch features hydraulic height adjustment of the 50 mm ball hitch.

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