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Save time, work in tight spaces on any terrain down on the farm

Avant Loaders are the perfect machine for down on the farm. Whether you are moving stock feed for storage, of cleaning up the barns after feeding the Avant Loader series are perfect for getting those essential jobs done quickly.

Avant Loaders are made in Finland where high quality and reliability are the guiding principles of manufacture. You will love the flexibility comfort and drivability of the Avant range of loaders. Easy to use and fun to operate you wont know what your missing until you try and Avant Loader.

The Avant loaders excel above the rest with a comfortable position allowing greater visibility of attachments. The slimline design of the Avant Loaders makes piloting compact spaces a breeze whether in the barn, on the farm or a dairy farm! No matter what task you need your Avant to perform, it will exceed your expectations every time!

Check out the videos below to see how an Avant Loader could help you.

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