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Digging Machinery

The best, most versatile loader for any landscaper. 

AVANT machines are powerful tools for the landscaper that will impress on any job it is needed for. The multipurpose loader will move, lift, carry, dig, split materials and more!

With a telescopic loader boom, Landscapers can increase their scope to new heights and lift more while the contemporary off-centre boom construction guarantees unrivalled, unrestricted visibility, removing the need to reach out from the driver’s seat to see where the attachment is. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of Avant work with the attachments, dependably achieving maximum output.

There’s also plenty of power for all the heavyweight jobs required, such as handling pallets of bricks or blocks and stone pallets. Dispersing surface materials, such as crushed stone and stone dust, is quick and effective with Avant. The Avant loader has been claimed by some in the industry to be the best loader for any landscaper.

Hydrostatic transmission and the joystick-operated telescopic boom adds control, precision and helps you to create an exceptional finish.

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