Property maintenance

Property Maintenance Machinery

Fly through property maintenance tasks with a wide range of attachments for your AVANT Articulated Loader.

An AVANT articulated mini loader is your perfect solution for all year-round property maintenance, whether you need to build and construct, landscape, maintain the grounds, or even engage in hedge trimming or cutting down trees on your property.

One Avant mini-loader will do the work of 10 people and will help you complete tasks all year round. All Avant mini articulated loaders have been crafted and manufactured to make your work easier and smoother than ever before. With the telescopic boom you can lift and manoeuvre a wide range of materials, pallets, mulch, stones, logs etc. without any physical labour required.Avant mini articulated loaders are well-known for their attention to safety concerns and ease of use – learning how to control an Avant mini takes minutes. With speeds of up to 30km/h, you can cross your property in no time at all! Avant mini articulated loaders are a versatile and easy to use machine that will add to your business and your bottom line.

Check out the selection of versatile attachments below. You can make your AVANT Loader do almost anything you need it to do.

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