Winter Construction Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

Winter construction equipment

Winter construction equipment is a must-have for any company operating in a winter climate. While NZ summers can be picturesque, NZ winters will chill you to the bone and make construction work a nightmare unless you have the appropriate equipment. Here we highlight a few vehicles that will help your construction company plough through the winter months. Winter is coming, are you prepared? 

Benefits of Tracked Skid Steer Loaders in wet Winter Weather

When a construction project requires winter work, you can count on tracked skid steer loaders to be fit for a winter workout. These highly versatile machines are ideal for working in wet, muddy, and icy conditions. In addition to the typical digging trenches and removing debris, skid steer loaders can take care of winter-specific problems that crop up around the worksite.

Tackling Difficult Terrain

The torrential rain and occasional snow that pelts New Zealand come wintertime will turn most work site terrain into a challenging task for any vehicle. Tracked loaders are by far the best equipped to handle work in these difficult conditions. Where a wheeled skid steer might sink into a muddy site, a track loader will remain stable without an issue. This performance is thanks to its track design which offers better flotation and less ground pressure than a skid steer’s tyres.

Powerful Performance Through any Condition

Our tracked loaders are perfect for jobs requiring a little heavy lifting during winter. The tracks distribute the vehicle’s weight better than its wheeled counterparts, allowing track loaders to have a higher lift capacity and push more weight without slipping – even in the muddiest of work conditions. If you’re after a vehicle that will help you power through the winter blues, a tracked skid steer loader is what you’re after.

MetroHire has a range of skid steers to hire across Auckland to help ensure your construction sites don’t get stuck in the mud this winter.

All-Terrain Forklifts

All-terrain forklifts make for the perfect piece of winter construction equipment; they are versatile, reliable, and tough enough to deal with winter’s harsh working conditions. Whether you need a lightweight option with manoeuvrability for wet and slippery areas or heavy-duty power for cutting tracks through muddy worksites, all-terrain forklifts are the tool for the job.

No matter how swampy your worksite gets from filthy-wet winter weather, the added benefit of 4WD means you can traverse challenging roads or worksite areas that would be inaccessible via other vehicles. This forklift will ensure you can get the work done through sun, rain, and snow.

Prepare for Winter with MetroHire

Winter won’t wait for you to be prepared, so get the jump on the cold weather with MetroHire; we offer a range of skid steers and all-terrain forklifts to hire. Our winter construction equipment will ensure you can get the job done no matter the weather. Give us a call to learn more about our fleet of rentals and vehicles for sale.