Introducing the Avant Loader

Avant loader parked by a forest

The Avant Loader has been called ‘the most multi-functional compact loader in the world’, and this is borne out by our happy customers, all of whom attest to the fact that Avant brings innovation and ease of use to any task. In this month’s ‘brand spotlight,’ we explore the different Avant loader sizes and attachments available to suit each and every job.

Today, Avant manufactures over 200 different attachments suitable for countless applications, and from these you’ll find the perfect partner for your Avant loader of choice. From now on, all your hard work will be done from the comfort of your own seat. Here we list a sample of the most popular Avant loader attachments that MetroHire can provide.

All-round Avant General Buckets for Almost Every Job

Avant general buckets are designed so that the operator can see the front edge of the bucket from the driver’s seat, which facilitates quick and easy loading and emptying. Other features include:

  • The length of the bucket has been optimised to give the best possible breakout force. The sides open forward at an angle that guarantees easy and complete emptying of all kinds of materials.
  • There are narrow holes at the upper end of the bucket which improve visibility and prevent stones from falling toward the operator.
  • The bucket is available with a straight edge and teeth. A teeth protection plate is also available. It has a strong cutting edge made of high tensile, abrasion-resistant wear steel.

The Benefits of the Efficient Multi-purpose 4n1 Bucket

The Avant loader efficient multi-purpose 4n1 bucket can be used as a normal bucket, as well as a dozer blade, leveller, or a grab. The front part of the bucket opens with two hydraulic cylinders located on the backside of the bucket, which enables dozing, levelling, and picking of stones, tree stumps, etc. Another benefit is that the bucket can be emptied at a higher level by opening the bottom instead of tipping the bucket edge down.

This makes for an all-round tool for landscaping and ground care, suitable for many different jobs on the worksite.

Avant’s Versatile Grapple Bucket

Suitable for a multitude of jobs, the Avant grapple bucket combines a normal bucket and a grapple. It can be used for the transporting and loading of branches, wood chips, compost, straw, manure, and construction waste. It can also be used as a normal bucket with the grapple in the upright position.

This versatile bucket is used for the handling of loose materials, and the larger XL models with two cylinders are intended especially for 700 and 800 series of Avant loaders.

The Ultimate in Skips – The Skip Bucket

The ultimate in skips, the skip bucket is more like a skip container but can be transported and emptied easily with Avant. The bucket can be equipped with castor wheels as an option. It can be moved and filled by hand effortlessly in horse stables, on factory floors, and in similar tight situations where driving with the loader is not possible. The full bucket can then be taken away and emptied.

The skip bucket will replace the waste bins on site, with supports instead of wheels as an option. Supports raise the rear and lower the front of the bucket by approximately 100mm, making it easier to empty a wheelbarrow into the bucket.

Avant Attachments are Loaded with Options

MetroHire Avant attachments are loaded with options to maximise solutions and minimise down time. Now you can choose the right tools from our versatile selection of attachments, purposely designed for year-round use.

If you are in the market for a loader, you must trial an Avant loader. Call us now to arrange a demonstration at your place of business, anywhere in New Zealand.