What to Look for in Quality Earthmoving Equipment

AUSA Dumber earthmover equipment

If you are comparing equipment to use for your next earthmoving job, we have some great ideas to help you complete the assignment to the highest order. Heavy equipment is essential for construction jobs, from home building to large-scale commercial and civil projects, and we carry a large range of world-renowned brands. 

Earthmoving equipment covers an array of machines that can excavate and grade soil and rock. Earthmovers help to speed not only earthwork, but also construction, demolition, materials handling, and other important job site tasks. Many types of earthmoving equipment are designed for numerous functions, which makes them indispensable on most job sites.

We’ll cover the best earthmoving equipment for the job as follows, including dumper trucks for hire, and which brands to look out for.

AUSA Dumpers for All Earthmoving Tasks

Choosing the right earthmoving equipment is very important. It will determine how long the job will take and how easily you’ll be able to complete it. AUSA dumpers are big on safety and stability and small on time and money. Our extensive range of AUSA dumpers offers a solution to everything, from manoeuvring loads around tight corners to transporting ten tonnes of material across rough terrain.

Removing and transporting loose materials is an integral part of all construction projects, infrastructure work, and landscaping. AUSA dumpers offer great visibility and maximum stability, allowing for increased accuracy, even in adverse weather conditions and at full load.

AUSA is a world leader in dumpers, with over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing compact equipment. Here at MetroHire, we have a wide range of models covering multiple functions, including transport and the movement of bulk materials.

AUSA All-Terrain Forklifts: the Heavy Movers in Earthmoving Equipment

All-terrain forklifts are the heavy movers of the AUSA range, and all our forklifts are available in 4WD, which allows the operator access to terrain that standard forklifts are incapable of reaching.

AUSA forklifts offer an array of attachments, making them the best option for all earthmoving jobs. MetroHire has videos of most models if you would like to see if they can help you in your situation.

The Versatile AUSA Telehandlers

AUSA telehandlers are a versatile option for those hard-to-reach jobs. With the combined capabilities of a forklift, crane and work platform, AUSA telehandlers help you get the job done.

AUSA is the most compact and lightweight telehandler on the market, with the lowest price and maintenance costs.

The AUSA range of multi-functional telehandlers provides the most versatile high-clearance machine available in New Zealand and is ideal for our conditions.

AVANT Loader : The Smarter Way of Working

The versatility of an AVANT loader is unmatched. You can go almost anywhere thanks to its excellent all-terrain capabilities and visibility, sharp-turning ability, and easy handling. An AVANT loader can be used to replace your quad bike or ride-on mower and can transport loose materials, timber, pallets, and big bags on construction sites.

There are over 100 attachments that we can order, and you can choose the perfect combination to suit your needs. AVANT loaders are powerful yet lightweight and multi-purpose, offering a smarter way of working.

Smart, quality Finnish design and construction ensure that your AVANT loader will keep on performing to the high standards you desire.

MetroHire For the Best Equipment For the Job

We offer short and long term hire options on all our AUSA and AVANT equipment, including trencher hire, and we are known to supply the best equipment for the job. So, if you are in the market for earthmoving equipment, give us a call! We’ll schedule a demonstration at your place of business, anywhere in New Zealand.