Fully Electric Avant E-Series

In an industry first Avant has released a fully electric wheel loader unlike anything else ever seen before. This machine is powered by a lithium ion battery and has zero emissions with very little noise meaning that it is perfect for working indoors or in confined spaces.

With the fast charger, the E6 can be charger in just under an hour and can operate for between two and four hours with a full battery. This machine punches well above its weight with a lift capacity of 900kg and a lift height of 2.8meters, all while only being 1.2 meters wide. When purchasing Avant, you’re getting a high-quality European machine with minimal running costs and much longer life than anything else in the market.

Packed with power and the hoard of features outlined above, Avant continue to lead the pack when it comes to compact wheel loaders. The fully electric machines are ideal for working in tight construction sights, indoor warehouses, or even nurseries. When it comes to compact loaders, nothing comes close to Avant.