Introducing the All New AUSA DR1001AHG

Ausa has officially announced the arrival of its range of new reversible dumpers. Their reversible design is an industry first, further strengthening Ausa’s reputation for the most versatile and safe dumpers in the market.

The two new models in the spotlight are the DR1001AHG which has a payload of 10,000kg and the DR601AHG with a payload of 6,000kg. The cabin can rotate 180 degrees with a simple flick of a switch meaning that the seat, joystick, steering wheel, and safety cameras can face forward when required.

These new models are also the most efficient, cost effective and technology filled dumpers in Ausa’s extensive range. One highlight is the new ECO Mode function where the engine speed is automatically controlled to ensure lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Another noteworthy upgrade on these 2 new models is the handbrake and the new Hill Holder system. This is a start-assist system that engages the dumpers brake when you release the accelerator while at zero speed, meaning that safety is further improved especially when operating on a slope.

Once again, these machines are fitted with a reliable Kubota engine, complimented with modern European technology, meaning that these are still the Ausa dumpers we know and love, with a modern twist.