Land Clearing: The Equipment You Need for the Job

Whether you’re a professional arborist or a DIY enthusiast looking to clear part of your own section, there are several critical tools that you’ll need for the job. From light equipment to heavy machinery, we provide insight into the top models for chippers, mulchers, wheel loaders, and more. 

Light Equipment

You can’t do land clearing without the basics. Anyone undertaking the challenge of trimming forestry or clearing land needs the full array of tools and protective gear, because of the potential dangers of working at heights. Here’s a few different pieces of gear that could save you from disaster:

  1. Electric Saw to make cutting easier and safer
  2. Ascenders, descenders, carabiners saddles, pulleys straps, and spurs for climbing
  3. Helmet to protect your head from falling branches
  4. Radios to communicate with others
  5. Gloves to help with grip
  6. Saw protective clothing, to prevent splinters from hurting you
  7. Eye protection, such as goggles or glasses
  8. Ascenders and descenders to facilitate your climbing

Heavy Equipment / Machinery

1. Skid steer and Compact Loaders

Loaders are effective land clearing machines, particularly in vegetation management tasks such as cutting brushes, and when necessary in the removal of trees. Skid steer loaders are highly durable and designed for maintaining traction in muddy terrain and wet weather.

2. Avant Loaders

These machines are designed specifically for arborists, assisting them in carrying, moving, digging, levelling, grabbing, grinding, and splitting materials, all while being gentle on delicate surfaces. With a telescopic loader boom, arborists can reach new heights, and the boom self-levelling makes load handling faster. The articulated design of an Avant loader also allows accurate sideways moving of the load in constricted situations.

3. Chippers

Chippers are excellent for shredding apart thick shrubs and trunks into chips and removing them to make way for sitework to begin. There are different types of chippers, the most effective being the self-propelled brush chipper, which makes land clearing easier and reduces the cost of labour.

4. Mulchers

Rather than hauling branches and trunks away, you can use a mulcher to convert the green waste into organic, fertile, and environmentally friendly topsoil.

5. Excavators

Excavators are typically used in land for uprooting trees and collecting branches. These machines play a vital role in the maintenance of forests as they help to keep trees alive and prevent forest fires. Excavators are available in a variety of sizes to meet your project requirements.

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