Late Model Machinery for Your Landscaping Business

Man driving AVANT 700 Series loader for landscaping business Would something like this be ok? An Avant 700 Series loader operating a stone burier attachement for a landscaping business.

To ensure the best results for your landscaping business, you’ll need to find quality equipment. Landscaping requires a fairly substantial investment in machinery and equipment. When you invest in high-quality gear, you can deliver outstanding service to your customers.

Follow our guide to the essential tools for your landscaping business, including a range of loaders, skid steers, and hedge cutters. Learn more about the latest equipment in landscaping from MetroHire.

AVANT Machines for Large Scale Landscaping

For large-scale landscaping, a multi-purpose loader, such as the AVANT 700-Series range of loaders, will offer the versatility a landscaper deserves. AVANT machines are powerful tools for landscapers. This multi-purpose loader will move, lift, carry, dig, and level materials, and it doesn’t stop there.

With a telescopic loader boom, you can increase your reach to new heights and lift more with the off-centre boom construction, guaranteeing unrivalled, unrestricted visibility. This means you don’t need to reach out from the driver’s seat to see where the attachment is. The AVANT loader has been developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuvrability, versatility, great ergonomics, and safety features.

avant 700-series loader

AVANT Attachments for Every Landscaping Requirement

With MetroHire, you can hire your attachments when you start your business and then purchase them when you start to make a profit. Investing in top-of-the-range equipment at the outset is an intelligent investment, as they’ll last you a lifetime if you look after them well. The versatility of the AVANT loader is enhanced by over 100 available loader attachments, including buckets, pallet forks, levellers, grapples, and tilt adapters, along with attachments specifically designed for construction, landscaping and digging, property maintenance, beekeeping, and farming.

You can turn the loader into a lawnmower, trencher or woodchipper, add a compressor or beehive mover or an attachable trailer; whatever you need to do, there is an AVANT loader for you. Mounted hedge cutters and saw heads can help you make quick work of large-scale landscaping projects. If you are interested in how an AVANT can help speed up your workflow, create efficiencies in your line of work, or simply help out around the property, we can arrange a demonstration at your place or ours. With AVANT attachments, the choice is yours.

Skid Steer Loaders for Working Muddy Conditions

Rubber Tracked skid steer loaders are highly versatile machines, ideal for working in wet and muddy conditions. These loaders excel in several applications, such as earthmoving, landscaping, site prep, and more. Our skid steers for hire in Auckland are late-model machines that can be relied on to get the job done.

Our smaller models are supplied on a transport trailer which can be towed behind a ute or heavy vehicle, and we have transport available for our larger models. We offer both long and short-term skid steer hire, tailored to suit your specific project.

MetroHire Late-Model Landscaping Machinery For Hire & Sale

We can connect you with a machine through short-term or long-term hire, and even deliver it to your site of choice. All our machines are late-model, top quality brands, and we are focused on ensuring our customers are achieving their goals with industry-leading equipment.

If you are in the market for late model landscaping machinery, call us now for a demonstration of any of our products, anywhere in New Zealand.