The Manitou Telehandler Range: Choosing a Model

Manitou telehandlers range in size. The most common models are those we carry, which vary between the MT 625 telehandler which can lift 2.5 tonnes, and the larger MT 1840 that can lift up to 4 tonnes. These versatile machines are heavy-duty pieces of construction equipment, designed to lift large quantities of materials quickly at a variety of worksites.

The Manitou handler can be described as a cross between a forklift and a crane, as it utilises a boom that can reach heights of up to 18 meters It is typically used to move heavy loads up to heights that are unreachable for the standard forklift. Aside from moving heavy loads, telehandlers are also commonly used by operators to elevate contractors for cleaning, painting, repair, and maintenance, so long as the model being hired is set up as a certified access machine with a suitably qualified operator.

Read on to learn more about each type of telehandler:

Manitou MT 625 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 2.5t
  • Lifting Height – 5.85m
  • Maximum Reach – 3.4m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 4.7t

The smallest of the Manitou Telehandler range, these machines are perfect for operating in smaller, more confined workspaces. It can lift loads up to 5.85 meters high, further than the standard 4.5-meter reach of your average forklift.

Manitou MT 732 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 3.2t
  • Lifting Height – 6.9m
  • Maximum Reach – 4.16m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 7.2t

The MT 732 overreaches the height of an average two-story building and can lift the weight of a regular truck.

Manitou MT 932 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 3.2t
  • Lifting Height – 9m
  • Maximum Outreach – 6.58 m
  • Gross Machine Weight – 7.980t

The Manitou MT932 telehandler is Ideal for all applications in the construction sector thanks to its compact design, 4-wheel drive, load capacity of 3200kg and maximum working height of 9m.

Manitou MT X 1030 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 3t
  • Maximum Lifting Height – 9.64m
  • Maximum Reach – 7.15m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 7.4t

The MT 1030 has powerful stabilizers and a turning radius of 3.75 meters. This machine’s array of attachments includes buckets, rotators, and lifting jibs. It is highly maneuverable, with three different steering modes.

Manitou MT 1440 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 4t
  • Maximum Lifting Height – 13.53m
  • Maximum Reach – 9.46m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 10.8m

The MT 1440 is used in heavy duty work sites, with the capability of carrying 4 tonne loads up to 14 meters high. 

Manitou MT 1840 Telehandler

  • Lifting Capacity – 4 t
  • Maximum height lift – 18m
  • Maximum Reach – 6.58 m
  • Gross Machine Weight – 7.980t

The MT1840 is suited for large worksites and high-rise buildings, lifting loads weighing up to 4 tonnes to heights of 18 meters. It is highly maneuverable and excellent for handling rough terrain. It carries an impressive four tonnes and reaches the height of most four-story buildings. It can also be fitted with a range of boom attachments, allowing to lift and carry a variety of objects at different lengths.

Need to buy or hire a Manitou Telehandler?

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