Ute-Mounted Cherry Pickers For Portability & Productivity

Ute-mounted cherry picker at Glenbrook Machinery

An elevated work platform (EWP), also known as a cherry picker, boom lift, man lift, basket crane, or hydra-ladder, is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system. EWPs were originally developed for use in fruit orchards, where they gave workers better access to the fruit they were picking. Since then they have been adapted for use in a wide variety of industries, including being used as construction equipment.

Ute-mounted cherry pickers have a lot to offer in terms of portability and productivity. Learn about the benefits of these EWPs here.

The Benefits of a Ute-Mounted Cherry Picker

The Ute-mounted cherry picker is the most versatile of all EWPs. It has all the attributes of the other EWP types but is sturdier, can be set up on a sloped surface, and is generally a lot safer. The most significant difference is that the Ute-mounted cherry picker has a bigger base, making it safe to operate and continue under adverse weather conditions and difficult terrain.

A vehicle-mounted access platform is an ideal solution for businesses that require a safe working platform across numerous locations. These offer an affordable way to conduct work across various worksites, allowing you to carry out multiple tasks in a single day. Vehicle-mounted access platforms are quick and easy to set up, improving worksite efficiency.

Common Uses of a Cherry Picker

Although designed for fruit picking, cherry pickers are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. They offer not only safety when working at height but also a flexible alternative to scaffolding and ladders. They are relatively easy to operate, fast to set up, with unrivalled mobility.

Vehicle-mounted access platforms are popular in many industries and are often used as a quick and easy solution for general applications, such as cleaning contractors, tree surgeons, fitting signage, or installing lighting. This means they are suitable for a variety of working at height applications in a range of industries, such as building construction and maintenance, telecommunications, the energy industry, and road maintenance.

A Ute-mounted cherry picker lifts the worker to the proper height quickly, allowing them to navigate overhead obstacles easily. They are perfect for trimming tall trees, enabling the worker to reach all areas of the tree that need to be trimmed, from the bottom to the very top.

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