The Best Versatile Machinery for Your Construction Site

Image featuring a skid steer loader for use on construction sites

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that can get multiple jobs done on-site, MetroHire has the industry-leading options for you. Our versatile machinery includes mini loaders for hire and telehandler hire in Auckland, which will help you get your job done in the most efficient way possible.

Below, we give you a list of the most versatile hire equipment so you can maximise productivity and accomplish more with less.

The Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loader is the most versatile machine in construction. Essentially, the heavy vehicle is two machines in one—a loader and an excavator—both are used in numerous applications. This is what makes the backhoe loader the most versatile machinery around.

Backhoe loaders are construction machines that have been essential to construction, farming, utility, and landscaping applications for decades. They are known by many different names all over the world, including the term digger, backhoe, and excavator backhoe, all referring to the same equipment.

The number of attachments for the machine and the versatility of use makes it extremely multipurpose. Backhoes can be found on construction sites, road building projects, and excavation and earthmoving sites. Attachments are available from various manufacturers including ploughs, breakers, and buckets, all increasing the backhoe’s versatility.

The Skid-steer Loader

Getting the job done in construction can sometimes require a variety of heavy equipment, and skid-steer loaders are near the top of the heavy-equipment world in terms of versatility. A skid-steer loader’s bucket allows it the capability to push, carry, and load dirt and other materials. The machine’s capabilities are widened by the vast array of attachments available, including those designed for drilling and digging.

The Excavator

Excavators are among the most versatile digging machines in the heavy equipment category. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including digging, demolition, and clearing land. While they are primarily used to dig, an increasing number of attachments, such as an auger, make many other functions possible. Excavators’ cabs can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing for a range that very few other heavy equipment machines offer.

Manitou Telehandlers

Manitou telehandlers range in size. The most common models vary between the MT 625 telehandler (lifting up to 2.5 tonnes), and the larger MT 1840 (lifting up to 4 tonnes). These versatile machines are heavy-duty pieces of construction equipment, designed to lift large quantities of materials quickly at a variety of worksites.

The Manitou handler can be described as a cross between a forklift and a crane, as it utilises a boom that can reach heights of up to 18 meters. It is typically used to move heavy loads up to heights unreachable for the standard forklift. Aside from moving heavy loads, telehandlers are also commonly used by operators to elevate contractors for cleaning, painting, repair, and maintenance.

Have versatile construction equipment available when you need it

Contractors all tell us that the best way to increase the size of a landscape business is to have a range of compact equipment readily available. More equipment means they can utilise the crew they have with greater efficiency. Instead of having one crew of five on a site, they can send a compact loader with a crew of three to one site and a compact tractor with a crew of two to another site.

At MetroHire, our team can connect you with a machine for short-term or long-term hire. We can even deliver it to your site of choice when you need it. All our mini loaders for hire and other versatile machines are of the latest model and from top-quality brands, so you can rest assured of their excellent operation.

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